October 3, 2022

What to do if your company has been hacked

2 min read

If you have come to realize your company has been hacked you may not be sure what to do next. These are some things that need to be done immediately after your company has been a victim of a hacker.

If a hacker has downloaded ransomware on the computer you need to isolate any units that are infected. This will help stop the software from spreading. You can alert the authorities since ransomware is considered to be as serious as blackmail. They will have the resources to track down the cyber attackers. You may need a cyber security employee to recover the files that have been compromised.

If there has been a data breach customer and employee information may be compromised. You have the responsibility to alert everyone that may have been affected by this. While this may be embarrassing for a company people must know that their information may have been hacked.

Social media accounts are not safe for Digital Forensics Experts companies either. You need to be sure to monitor your social media accounts and who can access them. If you see that the social media accounts have been hacked you will need to change the password. You will also need to contact the company as different social media companies will handle hacker situations differently.

While you may not want to think about this not all hackers are strangers. You need to be careful which employees have access to sensitive information. If this information does not directly relate to their job or responsibilities there is no reason that employees should be able to access it.

If you think that a hacker has attacked any of the company accounts you will need to contact the IT department or an IT professional immediately. They will be able to restrict further information from being taken and will help with additional internet security.

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