October 3, 2022

How do Data Recovery after factory resetting your phone?

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Method 1. data recovery from local backup :

Most Android devices come with a built-in backup feature. So, if you back up with that feature on your Android device data recovery, you will simply be able to restore your data from that backup after factory resetting the Android device. The process to backup your Android phone data and the process to restore Android data after a factory reset is almost identical on all Android phones.

Step 1. Backup your data :

Simply navigate to the “Settings” of your app and go to the “Backup & Restore” section. There you will see a backup option to backup data from your Android phones. Enable the option and complete the process required by your Android phone.

Step 2. Restore your data :

To Data Recovery after Android factory reset, go to the “Backup & Restore” section under “Settings”. Now, find the “Restore” option and choose the backup file you created before resetting the Android phone. Select the file and restore all your data.

Remember: Once you have created a backup file after “Step 1”, you will be prompted to transfer the file to another device during the factory reset process of your Android. Once you have done the factory reset of your Android, you can simply transfer it back to your Android to restore the data after factory reset of your Android.

Data Recovery

Method 2. Google Account Recovery :

You can also use the Google Account linked to your device to back up data and restore data after factory resetting your Android.

Step 1. Backup your data :

Navigate to the “Settings” of your device and navigate to the “Google” option, once inside, go to the “Backup”. Here, you’ll see options to automatically back up your Wikipedia data to the linked Google account, and an option to back it up now. Enables both options. Also, enable the “Auto Restore” option. Let the backup process finish.

Step 2. Restore your data :

Now, when you set up the Google account on the device again after you have reset it at the factory, you will have the option to restore the data during the setup process. If you accept it, all your data will be restored to the device.