October 3, 2022

How New Technology Effects Kids

2 min read

At the moment technology has been so influential such that it has brought changes in all corner, Beginning from how we work to how we socialize and everything else in between. It has been vital in advancing the way of life but it is like a sword because if cuts from both sides and hence generates some adverse consequences for our children. It usually makes learning easy but also hampers the development of a child. A couple of decades ago, children used to play outside all day long, riding bicycles, playing sports, and socializing with other children. They were masters of their own imaginary games. Nowadays, kids who are even less than two years are glued to watching cartoons or playing with a cell phone. 

The big difference in the way that children live today is that they do not get enough exercise. Gadgets such as smartphones, television, and computers make them stay indoors rather than go outside and playing with other kids. This means they do not benefit from proper exercises which they can if they spent time outdoors as they are heavily reliant on technology for entertainment purposes. Playing outside has a lot of benefits to our body- it ensures we enjoy the rays of the sun which supplies the body with vitamin D, which helps fight infections and keep the skin healthy. New research has shown that screens from tablets and smartphones emit harmful blue light that can cause a headache, eye strain and irritated eyes in children.

More to this is that a child who is always glued to a device hinders themselves from normal communication skills such as starting conversations, listening, or making eye contact. It will have devastating effects on the mental health of the child and also hamper the development of a child’s social skills. Research has proves that kids who are at most times browsing and playing video games are subject to depression and anxiety at a higher rate than those who indulge themselves in outdoor activities. View More : https://petriemuseum.com/

It is critical to unite and assist the society to realize the negative impacts technology is having on our children, not only on their physical, psychological, and behavioral health but also on their ability to learn and maintain personal and family relationships. It is also important to encourage kids to indulge themselves in outdoor activities and make friends while playing outdoor games rather than b glued to devices. Teaching kids and supporting them on the beneficial activities rather than be glued to devices of technology will help them to be more comfortable making outdoor activities a part of their daily routine.