August 7, 2022

The Best Price Of A Data Recovery Services ?

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On average, the price of a data recovery services varies between 50 and 150 €. Data recovery Services is an extremely versatile service. And it’s more than useful if you accidentally didn’t remember to back up your files beforehand. You can call on our professionals for your hard drives, SD cards, USB keys, files, photos, emails, etc. They will help you recover your data, regardless of its size and condition (corrupted, deleted or even virus-infected data).

A free diagnosis :

Many data recovery companies offer a free initial interview . This allows them to make their own diagnosis and estimate the cost of future expenses. Customers thus have a general idea of ​​the steps that can be taken to respond to their request.

It should be noted that the prices for this Data Recovery Services vary according to the companies. While some offer packages, others can only present the invoice once the data has been recovered.

How much does a data recovery services cost?

The packages are really highly appreciated by customers. Not only does this allow them to solve several problems at the same time, but what is more, in the end the bill is lower than if the different services had been carried out separately.

Some data recovery companies offer sort of packages with different services delivered at the same time, while others offer hourly pricing.

  • For data recovery at home, the average price is €214 for the first three hours of work and €51 for each additional hour, to which the professional’s travel expenses may be added.
  • For commercial, educational or government data recovery, the average price observed is €214 for the first hour of work and an additional €103 for each additional hour.
  • Small data recovery companies typically charge between $42 and $ 170 .

A variable price grid :

In some companies, the price is set according to the amount of data to be recovered for the customer, the techniques used and the Twitter data backup medium. For example, recovering data from an HDR hard drive does not require the same know-how as restoring an SSD drive.

Additionally, emergency data recovery can cost more, as the professional has to put aside other clients and projects and possibly work evenings or weekends. Travel costs are also to be expected.

A data collector may need to charge a minimum service fee if they have to visit a customer. This generally includes freight charges, diagnostics, and hardware transportation. Generally, these service fees are around 216€.