August 7, 2022

Methods To Data Recovery Files From A Wet Mobile

1 min read

Whether we have managed to turn on the mobile or if it is still off, what we have to do to try to save the files on the wet mobile is based on the following methods.

We recommend you try it in this order, to go from the simplest and most complete, to the most difficult and where we lose Data Recovery along the way.

The easiest method to get all the Data Recovery is that once the mobile is dry and has passed through the rice, it is to connect it via the USB cable to the computer.

If it turns on you will have to recognize it and if it doesn’t, there are also chances that this method will work.

Once connected, we go to the mobile files and try to copy all the possible files little by little so as not to saturate the mobile with so many processes.

Once all this is completed and knowing that we have the photos and files of the mobile safe, we can go to a specialized store to finish repairing it if the Twitter screen does not turn on or something happens to it.

Whether you have an Android mobile or an iPhone, on previous occasions we have recommended you take advantage of security spaces for situations like these, which are key to recovering files from a wet mobile .