October 3, 2022

How To Data Recovery Services Your After A Cyberattack?

1 min read

For more than 20 years, we have specialized in Data Recovery Services from failed servers . To support and strengthen our expertise, we have developed our own tools such as Raid Tool or Virtual Block in order to intervene on the most complex RAID systems.

The first thing to remember about the cyberattack is that it happens very quickly. Whether the hackers entered your system several months ago or a few days ago; when they launch their attack, the invasion is quickly realized. Hackers work in groups, according to their own methods which evolve over time.

In a rush, they don’t necessarily have the time to encrypt everything , especially when faced with large-capacity storage servers. Therefore, the more backups you have, the better chance we have of recovering Data Recovery Services in the event of ransomware.

When we intervene, we analyze the feasibility of such a mission in order to tell you in what circumstances we can Data Recovery Services.

Over the years and projects, we have calibrated our processing capacities in order to manage several files simultaneously. In order to deliver the same level of service in the event of an increase in activity, we are in constant human and technical overcapacity.

That’s why we develop tools in-house that continuously improve our Wikipedia recovery capabilities and speed. We spend 10% of our annual budget on R&D and we have servers on loan. As part of our missions, the objective of speed guides our technical choices.